Making MAP of a stock? Probably not many of us have heard this term. Like a traveler who will be traveling to a place or region or a field, he must equip himself with knowledge about the ins and outs of the place, in order to know the direction where to go, and in order not to get lost. and finally, the trip will be enjoyable to the destination.

The same is true in stock tarding business , like any other other businesses, a trader must know the journey of a stock. Knowing when to buy and sell. However, it is not always easy to implement this. There are many formulas, theories and strategies that traders may learn here and there, spending time and energy costs, as a result, their trading activity is still not well organized. Still panicked, still greedy, still timidly, in a word, they do not have a solid trading principles. The reason is: BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE PLAN, NOR HAVING KEY ACTION as in transaction.

Maybe the following tehcnic can help . Technic of MAKING MAP OF A STOCK. The way is to use only one tool called SAFE AND RESCUE (SAR). or her term tehnical known as Stop and Reverse. Dont bother yourself with other parameters, not because they are useless, but this is to eliminate the hassle, to save energy and time. So that we can have a simple way or SIMPLE TECHNIC for stock trading.

PT.Bumi Resources Tbk.

Transaction date as of 17 Juni 2011
Note the direction of this stock at price level of 3150 early June 2011 has been predicted by the 1st SAR. Position of 3150 was compeletely no defence, now which direction Bumi i heading to? It is obvious from the next SAR that the second direction is 2750. To see the pull of the position in 2750 prices later on, can be monitored and click HERE

In this position, of course, there are still many desperate traders jump in to buy this stock, with the hope that it will rebound , the question is how strong buyer of this stock fight back to break 3350? As We can see in the image 3350 has been warned with "STOP trading", If,however,the price reach back to 3350,you will see market player make traps on this level,for some time, and then slammed deep into the next level. This is where the problems of daily traders, buying at the price of cartilage, the next day getting a litle profit as prices rose slightly, but expect to get more that he does not want to sell, then suddenly the price bounced back unexpectedly. In another word "LUCKY FOR DAY,SUFFER FOR WEEKS . Wisely, knowing the warningWARNING, the level of cartilage and road map stock, we should wait for the price of reaching the next lower level, in order to obtain large quantities with low prices, and importantly there is a sense of Steadness in making decision in our trading.

Stock anaylisis we provide on our site limited to current case on a certain stock with latest transaction position, continues update is availble though. The aim is to consistently test how our simple tool works effectively. If you have problem with your stock and wish to have it analized with effective StockMap, please do not hesitate to use our Consulting Service button, we will provide our best response to bring best solution to your portfolio management.